Introduction: What is Data Structures and Algorithims

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According to Wikipedia a data structure is a way that data is organized, managed and stored to enable efficient access and modification of the data. A data structure is made up of different data values, and it entails how such data relates with each other, in addition to the various functions that can be performed on such data.

Data structures are a result of building on simpler primitive data types.Some of the key data structures include:

  • An array.
  • Linked list.
  • Record.
  • Union.
  • Binary Trees.
  • Hash tables.

Algorithims on the other hand can be defined as a set of steps to accomplish a task, this is according to Khan Academy. Computer programs use algorithims to accomplish different tasks. Some of the most common algorithims include the following:

  • Searching Algorithims (eg. Binary Search).
  • Sorting Algorithims (Merge, Quick, Insertion, Selection sort).
  • Recursive Algorithims.
  • Graph Algorithims.